Office of the Commander

Congratulations on your selection to participate in an Advance Education or Training Program!  Welcome to the premier United States Army Student Detachment (USASD) at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Our mission is to provide command, control, administrative, Human Resources and Financial Management Support to Students participating in these programs. New to USASD is the official Facebook that launched in October 2017.  Like us on Facebook to receive updates at https://www.facebook.com/USArmyStudentDetachment/.

USASD is uniquely configured.  The students consist of more than 2,400 Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Junior Enlisted Soldiers located across the United States and worldwide.  Despite the geographical and program diversity that exists in this command, our Staff is prepared and dedicated to providing exceptional support to you and your Family.  Our priority is to receive and process Students efficiently and expeditiously.  The key element to success during this transition will be communication.  I encourage you to visit the USASD website to become intimately familiar with all the services that are provided to you while assigned to USASD at http://usasd.armylive.dodlive.mil/

On this website, you will find updated information and specific instructions for In-Processing.  USASD SharePoint launched in February 2018 to track gains and accomplish In-Processing requirements.  Since taking command, I have assessed that Students who fail to follow these instructions hindered our ability to immediately support and fully complete In-Processing causing both a delay in receiving Military Pay entitlements and most importantly inaccurate personnel accountability.

If issues arise while assigned to USASD it imperative that all parties supporting your schooling or training program (i.e. HRC Programs Manager, HRC Assignment Officer, USASD Command) are fully informed, particularly if problems affect academic, graduation date, or training program end date or while on PCS leave. Examples of problems that arise are, but not limited to: become under Commander’s or Law Enforcement Investigation, Accountability Duty Status Changes (Jail, AWOL, Hospital – both inpatient or outpatient type care), other Medical that could result in Convalescent Leave, Vehicle Accidents involving Injuries, Law Enforcement, Drug and Alcohol related incidents, experience extenuating circumstance as related to self or Family, EFMP, Internships, change to Graduation or Training End Date, Release from the Program.

Please read the enclosed checklist. Again, we extend a heartiest congratulations on your selection.  Best wishes during your academic and training tours of duty.

Students should arrive to USASD with the following due to the Student to Staff ratio:

  1. Soldier Record Briefs (ORB/ERBs eMILPO version) is fully updated showing accurate assignment history. Highly recommend a most current DA Photo.
  2. iPERMS/OMPF contain financial key supporting documents to certify PRR and FRR (marriage license, birth certificates (children only), divorce decree(s) with any court documents granting dependency, previous DA Form 5960 BAH re-certifications, oath of office, enlistment/re-enlistment contracts (to include commissioned documents), all previous PCS orders, all promotion orders (DA4187 for advancement to E-4 and below) etc. and other personnel key supporting documents for boards (DA Form 638 and Award Certificate) Good Conduct Medals, Foreign Language Pay orders, etc.)
  3. DA Form 31 PCS Leave Form shows you are signed-out on leave in Blocks 14a-c.
  4. Obtain CAC equipment and updated software to maintain CAC access at all times on personal home computers.

Students should adhere to the following to ensure success during In-Processing:

  1. Students are authorized to Sign-in from PCS Leave and into USASD no earlier than 10 days prior to the official report date unless otherwise stated on the PCS orders as approved by USASD Commander in coordination with the HRC Programs Manager and Branch Managers in advance.
  2. HR & FI In-Processing packets must be received completed via USASD SharePoint NLT than 5 working days after your official report date to USASD. SharePoint is USASDs new database and method of tracking/managing workflow for completion. Failure to comply will result in duty status change of AWOL and an Adverse Action FLAG imposed.
  3. Supporting documents will ONLY be accepted in a PDF file format.
  4. Students are responsible for submittal of their own documents. No representative is authorized to In-Process or submit documents on the behalf of Students.
  5. ONLY Enterprise email accounts are acceptable forms of communication for securing PII.
  6. For Students who did not obtain CAC equipment nor updated personal computer to use CAC to access Enterprise emails or access USASD SharePoint, visit the local/nearest Recruiting Station, MEPS, or Reserve/National Guard Unit to request to use the DoD network to comply with the In-Processing requirements and procedures.
  7. Based on the Student’s program, more so those in OCONUS limited locations, inquiries about In-Processing should be made through the group emails listed below ONLY:


United States Army Student Detachment Commander