Scholars Information


Scholars are students who received an Olmstead Scholarship, Bright Scholar, and other that are new to the Army (not ADO Green-To-Gold or ACS students).

Scholars will receive Orders from Cadet Command assigning them as follows:Assign To: U.S. Army STU DET FJSC OFF (W30U1A) FT JACKSON, SC WITH DUTY AT “School Name, School City, State and Zip Code”

Report Date: 15 FEB 2018

(a) Officer is assigned as a TYPE OF SCHOLAR to U.S. Army Student Detachment (W30U1A), Fort Jackson, SC 29207 with duty at “School Name, School City, and Country”. Officer will attend the university/college to pursue a TYPE OF DEGREE in Name of Discipline of Study for a period in excess of # weeks, but not exceed # months. School start date is 5 MAR 2018. Graduation date is 1 MAR 2019. Soldier is not authorized to sign-in earlier than ten (10) days prior to the date required to be at university/college or training. Service obligation incurred IAW AR 621-1 and AR 350-100, para 2-6c (equal to three times the length of the schooling computed in days, not to exceed 6 years). Follow-on assignment instructions will be issued prior to graduation by RFO.

Scholars will have additional Instructions on their orders sending on TDY from their current location to Cadet Command, Fort Knox, KY to perform initial entry into the Army HR and FI actions prior to departing to their OCONUS school location. The following actions will be performed at Fort Knox:

(b) Officer must immediately visit the U.S. Army Student Detachment website upon receipt of these orders for In-Processing instructions at: Officer must complete the following five part instruction prior to leaving CONUS.

  1. First, officer must ensure to first obtain the Active Duty Oath of Office (DA Form 71).
  2. Second, officer must obtain a Common Access Card (CAC). A CAC can be obtained at a DEERS Office. If it applies, provide all dependent documents to DEERS Office to be officially added as Authorized Dependents. While at DEERS obtain your Enterprise Email Address. After 24hrs, visit to activate your email account or access email through AKO.
  3. Third, officer must submit the following five forms to DMPO (Finance Office), Fort Knox, KY the following 5 forms “Military Pay Accessions Packet” to be entered into Military Pay System successfully:
    1. State of Legal Residence Certificate (DD Form 2058)
    2. Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate (Form W-4)
    3. Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form (SF 1199),
    4. JUMPS – JSS Pay Elections (DA Form 3685)
    5. Current Oath of Office (DA Form 71)

Failure to comply will result in nonpayment of military pay entitlements and lack of production of a Leave and Earning Statement.

4. Fourth, officer must visit the DFAS MyPay, register and log- in with CAC to request/view a Leave and Earning statement. Send confirmation           email using Enterprise Email to USASD at that the actions above have been completed. USASD will verify that Officer has been successfully entered into Military Pay System. This would complete the partial Finance In-Processing.

5. Fifth, officer completes the initial Human Resources In-Processing with USASD via USASD SharePoint while still at Fort Knox, KY (prior to departing OCONUS). This includes updating your Soldier Record Brief (ORB/ERB eMILPO version) assignment history, AFPT scores/Height Weight, DD Form 93, SGLV On-Line, Blended Retirement Certificate, ensure Financial Key Supporting documents such as Divorce Decrees, Marriage Certificate, Dependents Birth Certificates and any other validating documents are uploaded to iPERMS, etc. Visit the USASD website at: to complete the In-Processing on SharePoint before leaving CONUS. Ensure your personal computer is capable of sending and receiving Enterprise E-Mail and it is CAC ready before departing to this assignment. This requires a CAC Card and CAC Card Reader.

(c) Officer must complete the following upon arrival to OCONUS. Visit the USASD website at: to complete the remainder of the Human Resources In-Processing by providing your new physical address and Finance In-Processing by providing overseas support document to process entitlements in MILPAY such as Overseas Housing Allowance, Move In Housing Allowance (OHA, MIHA) etc. on SharePoint. Ensure rental agreements, receipts or other support documents are translated into English. Military One Source provides no cost translation services Upon arriving at your new duty location, update the Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS) at: As a member of U.S. Army Student Detachment, you are required to inform/report to the Command changes to your duty status immediately. Examples are as follows, but not limited to: extenuating Family needs, EFMP, Accountability Duty Status Changes (Jail, AWOL, Hospital), Medical, Accidents involving Injuries, Convalescent Leave, Internships, Law Enforcement, Drug and Alcohol related incidents, change to Graduation Date, Release from the Program.

(d) Officer must meet weight standards as specified in AR 600-9 to be eligible for this assignment. If this officer is not in compliance, the losing commander will notify HRC – Knox, ATTN: AHRC-OPB-P.

(e) The TRADOC G-6 actively manages TRADOC DOD enterprise email (DEE) accounts and their respective class assignment.  The appropriate class of account is determined by each command. TRADOC has determined that most personnel assigned will have a Business Class (4GB) account.  However, user accounts will need to show that the individual is assigned/supports TRADOC. This is accomplished by updating MILCONNECT. Because of the unique nature of your assignment, your account is not easy to identify as a TRADOC user.  This makes your account at risk of being misidentified as a non-TRADOC account and then downgraded to a Basic Class (512MB) account.  To prevent this, you will need to update with MILCONNECT at: the following sub-organization field selected: “United States Army Training and Doctrine Command.” Complete update to prevent downgrade to Basic Class.