Welcome to the USASD



 CPT Angelica E. Lamberti

Customer service on Monday through Friday from 1300-1600 hours daily.

    Lunch: 1130-1300 hours.

Closed on weekends and Federal/Training Holidays.

Commander’s Welcome

On behalf of the United States Army Student Detachment (USASD), the Leader Training Brigade (LTB), the U.S. Army Training Center (USATC) and Fort Jackson, I am honored to command the Students of USASD and the Staff that provides Finance and Human Resources support to the Student population.

I am excited to be in this position. I see a fully dedicated and motivated staff, both civilian and military. I see subject matter experts in their areas of responsibility that daily aims to provide excellent customer service to the Student population. I see potential. I see opportunity. With that, I embrace the Student Detachment’s unique mission, complexity, and challenges.

My top four priorities are to improve the unit’s systems, methods of communication, maintain accountability and increase TDA/train Staff to best provide Students the level of Finance and Human Resources support necessary to all Students accurately and timely. This will give Students peace of mind and allow them to remain focused on the challenges within their respective programs.

The first system that will make the greatest impact is the USASD Share Point, which is under design now and expected to launch on January 2018. This will be done in three phases: In-Process Students on January 2018; Out-Process Students starting April 2018; receive all actions starting June 2018. This will eventually allow the removal of operating through group email in-boxes, thereby minimizing work from getting lost, increasing our tracking capability, increase accountability and completing actions within the specified metric.

The second system is to launch the official USASD Facebook by 15 October 2017 to inform Students of key events, deadlines, and to get to know one another (both Students and Staff). I welcome Students to send via private message their photos of accomplishments while participating in the various Student programs. We want to get to know you.

The third system, meanwhile the USASD Share Point is underway, is to create several group email inboxes to separate the workflow in a way that is manageable by the Staff.

I encourage you to periodically check this website throughout your tenure to remain abreast of updates.  Students adherence to the Army Values, emphasis on integrity, patience, diligence, personal responsibility, and accountability will be the tools for success while assigned to USASD.

Together, Students and Staff, “We are the Student Detachment!”

Defend, Support, and Serve.


The U.S. Army Student Detachment provides command, control, and administrative Human Resources and Finance Services Support to Students participating in all Advanced Civil Education programs, to include:

  • Active Duty Option (ADO) Active Duty Green-to-Gold (G2G)
  • Scholarships/Fellowships/Internships
  • Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP)
  • Office of the Chief Legislative Liaison: Strategic Education & Development Program, Olmsted Scholarship Program, & General Downing Scholarship Program, Scholars
  • Foreign Area Officer In-Country Training (FAO)
  • Training with Industry (TWI)
  • Graduate and Doctorate Program (ACS)
  • Joint and International Service Schools (War Colleges)
  • Schools of Other Nations (SON)

Consisting of more than 2,400 Soldiers worldwide, our priority is to receive and process students in an efficient and expedient manner. To achieve success, we must work as a cohesive team. The number one focus is to set the conditions for successful tours of study for all Students and their Families.


The U.S. Army Student Detachment was formed in November 1973 to provide command, control, and personnel administration for all Soldiers who are Students at civilian colleges and universities; other U.S. Service command and Staff Colleges; Foreign Military Schools, the Training with Industry Program; and other Advance Education Programs.

In April 1981, functional responsibility for U.S. Army Student Detachment was transferred from the Directorate of Personnel and Community Activities to Troop Brigade, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. In October 1993, the unit was relocated to Fort Jackson, SC and aligned as a separate unit under the command and control of Victory Brigade, now 171st Infantry Brigade. On 1 March 2016, the unit was aligned under the command and control of the Leader Training Brigade (formerly Victory College) with provisional orders. On 1 October 2016, the unit was formally aligned with hard orders under the Leader Training Brigade.

The U.S. Army Student Detachment consists of 13 authorized Staff that provide administrative services at both the Company and Battalion level. The unit has two additional duty positions to serve FAO-IRT Students and Active Duty Options Green To Gold Students. The unit is the liaison between the Students and the services Directorate of Human Resources and the Defense Military Pay Office. The unit commands both Students and Staff assigned to the unit. The unit accomplishes command for the Students through the use of Liaison Officers and coordination with Army Advisors, Professors of Military Science, and the Defense Attaché Officials at installations near the student’s school.