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Security Clearance Renewals

The Center of Excellence (CoE) has experience issues processing Security Clearance renewal applications to start e-QIPs. CoE will not accept new documents until their system is up and performing to standards. Student Detachment will continue to accept documents. However, finger prints are only acceptable if no more than 30 days old at the time when the applications are submitted. Therefore, do not send finger prints to CoE until we know their system is up and running. Check this page for updates.

Center of Excellence is now accepting renewals documents to start eQIP applications.


”As selection boards continue to be executed, we have noticed an increase in call volume and concern from Soldier’s eligible for those boards. We are aware that Active Component ORB updates to three specific fields are not updating correctly: Section I – Overseas / Deployment / Combat Duty Assignment Information; Section VIII – Awards and Decorations and Section IX – Assignment Information. HRC recognizes this concern and is working to fix the issue. I ask you to continue to ensure the effected three sections on the ORB are updated and correct in eMILPO. Please understand that although the Record Brief is generally a useful tool for selection boards, it is not considered a “source document” for board member consideration. Since this is a widespread issue, at every active officer selection board, the DA Secretariat briefs the voting members of the concern and reminds board members to rely on the performance documents in the officer’s Army Military Human Resources Record (AMHRR), which contains all of the appropriate and accurate information pertaining to your career. We are working diligently to make the repairs as soon as possible and appreciate your assistance in getting this message to the affected Soldiers.”

Submit all request for ORB or ERB updates to United States Army Student Detachment using the following email address: Label the subject line of your email as following: Last Name_First Name_Rank_ORB_Update.

Submit Holiday DA Forms 31 to: Label the subject line of your email as following: Last Name_ First Name_ Rank_DA_Form_31.

HRC Directed FY 18, DA Form 5960, BAH Recertification has been taking place since 15 September 2017. Send DA Form 5960 for BAH recertification to:

 ASI Identifier A3 Force Development (TAADS) dropped from ERB

As of 201610, senior leaders may have noticed that the ASI “A3” has fallen off of their ERB’s. The ASI has been rescinded and is no more. The training is still available but there will no longer be an identifier associated with this.  Additional information available at

DOD Enterprise Email and MILCONNECT Update

The TRADOC G-6 actively manages TRADOC DOD enterprise email (DEE) accounts and their respective class assignment. The appropriate class of account is determined by each command. TRADOC has determined that most personnel assigned will have a Business Class (4GB) account. However, user accounts will need to show that the individual is assigned/supports TRADOC . This is accomplished by updating MILCONNECT. Because of the unique nature of your assignment, your account is not easy to identify as a TRADOC user. This makes your account at risk of being misidentified as a non-TRADOC account and then downgraded to a Basic Class (512MB) account. To prevent this, you will need to update MILCONNECT with the following sub-organization field selected: “United States Army Training and Doctrine Command.” Please view Milconnect Update PowerPoint screen shot for update. Once complete your account will not be subject to downgrade. Complete update to prevent downgrade to Basic Class.