The U.S. Army Student Detachment provides command, control, and administrative Human Resources and Financial Management support to students participating in all Advanced Civil Education programs:

  • Active Duty Option (ADO) Active Duty Green-to-Gold (G2G)
  • Fellowships and Scholarships
  • Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP)
  • Foreign Area Officer In-Country Training (FAO)
  • Graduate and Doctorate Program (ACS) and Degree Completion Programs (ACS)
  • Joint and International Service Schools (War Colleges)
  • Office of the Chief Legislative Liaison: Strategic Education & Development Program, Olmsted Scholarship Program, & General Downing Scholarship Program, Scholars, Scholarships/Fellowships
  • Sons of Other Nations (SON)
  • Training with Industry (TWI)

Consisting of more than 2,400 Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Junior Enlisted Soldiers, our priority is to receive and process students in an efficient and expedient manner. To achieve success, we must work as a cohesive team. The number one focus is to set the conditions for successful tours of study for all Students and their Families.