Green To Gold Out-Processing

Hours of Operations
Monday – Friday: 0730 – 1600 EST
Lunch: 1200 – 1300 EST
Phones Open for Customer Service: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 1300 – 1600 EST
Closed on weekends and Federal/Training Holidays

By Phone:

(803) 751-9824 (A-M)

(803) 751-6467 (N-Z)

By Email:

***ATTENTION*** Due to Covid-19, Student Detachment is currently tele-working with a dispersed schedule; therefore, the USASD is in operation 5 days a week, but with minimal personnel to protect our Staff and to keep within DHEC’s health guidance. Likewise, what normally takes 30-45 days for you to receive your DD214 may take longer and a specific time-frame can’t be determined. We ask for your patience during these times as we work diligently on your out-processing packet.

Out-Processing Instructions

Download and complete Green To Gold Out-processing Packet
Out-Processing and Finance Actions require 30 to 45 days to complete.
***ATTENTION*** Service Members should begin Out-Processing as soon as they are commissioned to 2LT. Submit packets to the Green-to-Gold inbox @ Refer to the out-processing packet above to find the documents required to begin the process.
Packets: To ensure efficient processing and to eliminate any delays with your out-processing request, we advise that you constantly check your Enterprise e-mails for any missing documents to be supplied or erroneous documents to be corrected. We are ***NOT*** responsible for any delays due to a lack of response in communication. You’re responsible for updating your student profile with the preferred email address and telephone number.
***We will no longer accept “any” hand written documents. All forms must be digitally signed and typed.***

Out-process the USASD:

  • Green To Gold Out-Processing Checklist
  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders and amendment, if applicable
  • DA Form 71  – Oath of Office “Active Duty” (Note, both PCS orders “active entry date” and DA71 enlistment date must be the same.)
  • Current Enlisted Record Brief (ERB)
  • DD Form 93 (Dated within 1 year)
  • SGLV (Dated within 1 year)
  • Mailing address form Submit your out-processing @ – a read receipt is highly recommend to inform you, your packet was received. 
  • Please allow up to 30 days, from the day you submit your packet, for processing before making any telephonic inquiries.

Q & A

All required documents needing to out-process Soldiers from Enlisted to Officer status requires enlistment documents with the acceptation of your Bolc/Pcs orders and your DA 71 Oath of Enlistment.

Documents must be submitted in PDF format and in 1 pdf file. Scanned documents are highly recommended to be clear and readable, dirt-free, or any other deficiency i.e. readable and not faded.

You are now required to have your PMS approve any leave you take from the point of your commissioning as stated in your PCS orders instructions. 

You are no longer required to submit a BAH form if all information remains the same unless you’ve recently changed status from single to married or with child and have not reported this to the USASD/receiving BAH at the with dependent rate. If you have not already done so, you will have to submit a request, along with your supporting documentation to the finance inquiry inbox @

Your pay update will not take in effect until about 1 month after you’ve received your DD214, any like inquiries made prior to this will not produce any new result.



It is the Service Member’s responsibility to ensure PCS orders are accurate; Student Detachment does not have authority to change, amend, correct, or modify PCS orders published by another Military Personnel Division activity!

If you’re needing assistance with PCS orders, Officers may contact the Accessions Department or orders issuing authority

Soldiers conducting a Personal Property Movement (PPM) or partial PPM must finalize settlement voucher at the nearest military installation, per JFTR regulation. Additional information may be found at Defense Personal Property System (DPS) website at