Green to Gold ADO

Hours of Operations
Monday – Friday: 0730 – 1600 EST
Lunch: 1130 – 1300 EST
Phones Open for Customer Service: M-F, 1300 – 1600 EST
Closed on weekends and Federal/Training Holidays

By Phone: (803) 751-6467

By email:


Congratulations on being accepted into the Green-to-Gold – Active Duty Option program, we look forward to working with you in the near future.

There are a few things worth mentioning prior to In-Processing with the Student Detachment (USASD) and to ensure you have a smooth transition. The USASD has an intranet site dedicated solely to our Green-to Gold students at:

Next, our system requires CAC access.  Therefore, prior to accessing the website, there are a few technical requirements that you need to know. You will need:

  1. To access G-2-G In-Processing site at:
  2. A CAC card to log in to our system
  3. Have an enterprise e-mail
  4. Have a CAC enabled computer
  5. Meet system requirements to access SharePoint

If at any point of the technical requirement process you need assistance, links are provided on the page to help enable you access to our system.

Once you’ve met the requirements above and you can access our site, scroll further down the page and there will be In-Processing instructions provided to you. Prior to leaving this page, you will need to print off the HR and Finance In-Processing checklist, dated 2018, which lists the required documents that we need to in-process you into our systems.  If you need assistance regarding how to access certain forms, the website provides these forms for you as well.

To begin In-Processing, you can scroll to the subject “SharePoint Link” and click on the link OR you can scroll to the top under “useful links” and click on the SharePoint hyper-link; then follow the prompts to log-into our site, part of the log-in process requires your CAC ID. The USASD Home Page will pop up, please read the Commander’s message and then click to the In-Processing radial dial button. The In-Processing instruction page will pop up and complete the processing steps from step 1-4.

If you have additional In-Processing questions, refer to the frequently asked questions hyper-link on the USASD website. If your question is not listed in the FAQ listing, feel free to contact us during our customer service hours Monday – Friday from 1300-1600 Eastern Standard Time or e-mail anytime at:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Service Members are not authorized to report early into the program, hence, the Student Detachment unit does not reserve the authority to authorize early reporting. To prevent delays during our high-volume sessions for both our current customers and yourselves, documents submitted to the USASD website/SharePoint prior to your report date will be deleted from the system and you will then be required to submit your documents in accordance with your PCS report date.                                              


-No representative may In-Process or submit documents on your behalf.

-Supporting documents will ONLY be accepted in a PDF file format. (i.e. no photograph copy)

-If problems arise while in school, it is imperative that all parties involved in your schooling (i.e. your training agency, programs manager, assignment, and USASD) are fully aware, particularly if problems affect your academic and training program and graduation date.

Lastly, if you are needing assistance during In-Processing with any finance issues, you can access the site at: or feel free to contact them via-email at:

Best of luck to you all and we look forward to your arrival to the US Army Student Detachment.


                                                                                       Student Detachment