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Finance FAQ

Q: I am In-processing USASD, when can I expect my BAH to change?

Ensure you submit a complete FI In-processing packet in SharePoint in a timely manner in order to prevent PCS debt from occurring. Our Finance Analyst will process your packet, allow 30 days for the BAH to cycle and reflect on your LES. If two paychecks have passed and BAH is still not updated, contact USASD immediately to rectify the issue.

Q: I have not received my PCS Travel Entitlements (e.g. DLA, Per diem, TLE, and reimbursable expenses).

All USASD students/assigned personnel will utilize the smart voucher to submit travel claims. Per USASD Commander’s guidance, all assigned personnel will utilize the smart voucher system to request travel.

Average turnaround time for travel entitlement payments is approximately 6-8 weeks. Travel entitlements include Dislocation Allowance (DLA), Travel Per Diem, and Mileage Allowance and Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE).

Q: During my PCS overseas, I incurred hotel costs while awaiting for my apartment to be ready, how do I claim Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)?

For an overseas PCS, prior to acquiring lodging or apartment, it is imperative that you visit your local housing office/embassy housing representative for authorization of TLA. Your housing rep will provide you an approved memo authorizing you to stay in a hotel. Submit a copy of the memo, paid receipts and GTCC Statement (only if receipt is not in USD) to the appropriate email inbox.

Q: How do I request for DLA advance?

Due to the mandatory use of GTCC, USASD is not authorized to accept DLA advances per DFAS instruction. However, there are two options you may go about in receiving an advance.

Option 1 – Request a regular PCS advance. You must be within 30 days of signing out from leave. Submit a DD 2560, PCS orders, and approved leave form to the appropriate email inbox

Option 2 – Ensure your GTCC is active, if needed, request a card limit increase and use your card for authorized PCS expenses only. Remember, you are responsible for paying the balance of your card. If you have any questions, email or call our GTCC rep at ◾By Phone: (803) 751-3566/3626/5747/3795.

All Students out-processing USASD will have their GTCC placed on Mission Critical Status for a maximum of 120 days to provide students enough time to file their voucher and pay the GTCC balance.

Q: I am out-processing, how can I request a PCS advance?

To request a PCS advance, you must be within 30 days of signing out of leave. Submit the following documents to the appropriate email inbox

DD 2560 Advance Pay

PCS Orders and amendments

DA 31 Leave Form

I do not have a GTCC, how do I apply for one?

Visit the GTCC page for more information.

Q: I was charged Permissive TDY, how do I get my leave days back?

Ensure your DA31 outlines the dates of your PTDY on the remarks section and block 13 must be signed by a LTC or above. If it is digitally signed, confirm that signature block is written or stamp. PTDY will be charged if signature block is missing.

Q: I am not receiving BAH for my location, how can I rectify this issue?

BAH is paid based on what is on your orders (For example, assigned to USASD Fort Jackson, SC 29207 with duty at National Intelligence University, 4600 Sangamore Road, Bethesda, MD 20816) which will be zip code 20816 and not where you are currently living.

BAH entitlements can be affected by different variations such as an approved BAH waiver, exception to policy, and a restricted tour. In this case, contact USASD’s Military Pay Analysts to have your questions answered.

Q: Am I authorized jump pay/flight pay/special duty assignment pay during my time at school?

USASD Military Pay Analyst will stop your special pay because you are currently in a student status and not performing those functions. Once you return to these assignments, your next unit will start your entitlements.  Exception to policy may be processed for assigned personnel with proper supporting documents. 

Q: I am not receiving Language Pay or my Language Pay has stopped, how do I start/re-start my Language Pay?

Submit a copy of your DA 330 to the Personnel Actions email inbox:

Q: I am authorized Civilian Clothing Allowance, what is the process in order to receive CCA?

Visit USASD SharePoint, download the CCA memo example along with your PCS orders and submit to the Finance Pay Inquiries email inbox:

Q: I am authorized deployment and other overseas entitlements (e.g. COLA, HDP-L, CZTE, and HFP/IDP), how do I request to start it?

Visit USASD SharePoint, under USASD Example Documents, we have a multitude of DA 4187 examples requesting certain entitlements. Complete and submit DA 4187 to the Finance Pay Inquiries email inbox:

Q: What do I need to receive Overseas Housing Allowance/Move-In-Housing Allowance?

You must visit your local housing office/housing representative/Embassy Housing representative to initiate your OHA/MIHA packet. Once approved by housing, submit packet to the Finance Pay Inquiries email inbox:


DA Form 1059-1 Academic Evaluations

Q: If I want to transfer out of my branch, what do I do?

Contact your HRC Branch Manager to obtain information about transferring branches.

Q: When and how will I receive my Civilian Institution Academic Evaluation Report (DA Form 1059-1)? What is the email or mailing address to send my DA Form 2125 and or DA Form 1059-1 to?

Visit the AEP Branch Homepage for current information. The DA Form 1059-1 is completed by your Supervisor, Senior Army Advisor, Academic Advisor or Professor of Military Science. USASD does not produce DA Form 1059-1.

The ACS Office is the point of contact for all DA Form 1059-1s for ACS students. Evaluations Branch will not process the 1059-1s without ACS signature and stamp on the form.

Send DA Form 2125 and or DA Form 1059-1 via email to or by mail to U.S Army Human Resources Command ATTN: Advanced Civilian Schools Branch (AHRC-OPL-C), 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Dept. 290, Fort Knox, KY 40122-5209.


Q: If I’m in a use or lose situation, when is the latest I can submit my request, can I carry over leave?

You should not be in a Use or Lose status at the end of the Fiscal Year (FY), as you are the manager of your leave days. You are to take leave during the FY while you’re assigned to USASD. There should be no reason why you shouldn’t take leave since you get breaks during the semesters, etc. Per AR 600-8-10, leave must be used prior to 01 October every year or it will be lost.

Q: What is the Policy concerning selling back leave?

The only time that Officers may sell back leave is upon retirement or separation from Military Service. Enlisted personnel may sell back leave upon reenlistment or separation from Military Service. The maximum amount of leave that can be sold is 60 days.  Regulation is DOD Financial Management Regulation Vol 7A, Chapter 35.


Q:  How do I In-Process USASD and sign in off of leave? Do I send orders and my leave form to USASD? Should I sign my DA Form 31 myself? Should I have someone at my location sign my leave form?

Service Members will report (sign in) by sending a copy of their PCS orders and leave form to SharePoint NLT the date specified in the In-Processing Policy, (NLT five duty days after the official report date on your PCS Orders to USASD).  Do not send your documents early.  Deviations from this standard require prior approval by the USASD Commander.  Failure to follow the above reporting policy may result in pay suspension or UCMJ actions.

Service Members may sign-in 10 days prior to their report date. For example, if your report date is 1 May 2018, you may sign in on 22 April 2018.

Signing in early and going back out on leave exclusively for the purpose of changing your BAH rate is unauthorized!

If you would like to sign in 10 days prior to your report date, you must write the sign in date in block 16a, and the time in block 16b. USASD Staff will sign block 16c. If you are attending a service school (example war colleges) that take accountability and sign personnel in from Leave, then that POC can fill out and sign blocks 16a-c. You should not sign yourself in.

Request for early arrival in excess of 10 days must be requested in advance through your HRC Programs Manager in coordination with your Branch Manager and approved by the USASD Commander. Only extenuating circumstances are normally approved, such as medical needs, etc. The USASD Commander will send you a Gainful Employment/Early Arrival Memo to obtain all signatures required.

Q:  Why do I need to send a DA Form 31 with my In-Processing Packet?

When you sign out of a unit, you must be carried on a PCS DA Form 31 until you sign in at the next unit – even if this is one day (i.e. No Cost Moves). The PCS leave form is required in order to process the packet through Finance and close out the PCS transaction in the MILPAY Systems.


Q:  Do I need to call USASD upon receipt of my RFO or PCS Orders for Out-Processing?

No. USASD Staff pulls RFOs daily and starts cutting orders only after a complete Out-Processing packet is received from the Student in SharePoint. The Out-Processing packet should be submitted through the SharePoint within 30 days of receiving your RFO/Assignment Instructions.  We strive to return PCS orders and approved leave form within 2 weeks from receipt, based on leave start date and PCS report date.

Q:  My PCS orders state “Early Report Authorized” – how early may I sign in?

You may sign in no earlier than (NET) the days stated on your PCS orders.  Signing in early and going right back out on leave exclusively for the purpose of changing your BAH rate is not authorized.

In-Processing & Out-Processing

Q:  What is the process for using approved Permissive TDY (PTDY) for house hunting during PCS movement if there is no military housing office in area?

PTDY for House Hunting must be approved by losing organization prior to PCS travel and annotated Block 17. Ensure the dates and statement of your PTDY are in block 7 Remarks section of PCS DA Form 31 and signed by an O-5 (LTC) or higher. To date Block must be the Report Date as specified in the PCS Orders.

The O-5 or higher must be identifiable by his/her signature block (i.e…name and rank), signature block with name and DOD numbers only are not acceptable and will not be processed for Permissive TDY. Permissive TDY will end on the date specified on your DA Form 31, or the date you sign into your new duty station, whichever comes first.

USASD does not require a housing stamp on your DA Form 31!

The USASD In-Processing staff will sign you in off leave and process your packet IAW your PCS orders and approved leave form PTDY dates.

Q:  I am doing a No Cost Move, what do I need to send?

Follow the same In-Processing or Out-Processing procedures with a one day DA Form 31 with the packet (covers the dates up to the PCS report date).

Q:  I have a Storage Claim, what do I need to submit?

Visit Smart Voucher to obtain instructions for reimbursement of Storage Claim. Supporting documents most likely needed are Storage Receipts and PCS orders.

Q:  I have a Postal Claim – what do I submit?

Visit Smart Voucher for reimbursement. Supporting documents most likely needed are a memorandum of authorization for shipping from losing OCONUS duty station, Postage receipts, and PCS Orders.

Q:  Do I need to submit another DD Form 93 & SGLV 8286 if I am re-assigned to the USASD?

A current DD93 (within 12 months) is required during In-Processing.  Service members can manage their Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) coverage using the SGLI Online Enrollment System (SOES).  To access SOES, go to, sign in, and go to Benefits, Life Insurance SOES-SGLI Online Enrollment System.  Servicemembers can log in with their CAC or with their DS Logon using Internet Explorer.  Servicemembers can make sure their SGLI coverage and beneficiaries are up-to-date.

Q:  What patch and crest do I wear?

USASD falls under TRADOC. USASD Staff wears the TRADOC patch. Most of the USASD Student population attend schools that do not require them to wear military uniform (ACS, TWI). ADO G2G Students (Cadets) wear the ROTC patch. All other Students, if wearing a military uniform should wear the TRADOC patch while assigned or attached to USASD. Patches can be purchased at Clothing and Sales online at Military Clothing and Sales.

Q.  Personally Procured Move (commonly known as “DITY” move)

For personally procured moves (PPM) or “DITY” moves, Students should go to the Transportation website at to close out their move.  Please ensure that you provide receipts so that you are properly reimbursed.  Also, this can be done at your local transportation office, if you are located near an installation.

ADO Green to Gold

Q: Who or where do I send my actions for processing?

Send In-Processing inquiries to the ADO G2G In-Processing email address. Send Out-Processing inquiries to the ADO G2G Out-Processing email address. These are found on the ADO Green to Gold tab on the website at

Q:  Am I authorized the 10 days Early Report?

No, Active Duty Green to Gold personnel are not authorized to report early.  If your PCS Leave Form authorizes you 10 days PTDY for House Hunting signed by a LTC or higher, then you should arrive to your duty location no later than 10 days prior to the official report date reflected on your PCS orders.

Q: I have been selected for the Active Duty Green to Gold Option (ADO G2G) what must I do?

Read the Information Paper that Cadet Command sends you upon your acceptance into the program. Also, In-Process USASD within five days of your official report date.

Q:  I want to take leave, do I submit my DA31 to USASD or my ROTC unit?

The supervisor block must be signed by your immediate military supervisor signature and their standard name line (full name, rank, branch, title) (not a senior cadet). Submit the DA31 to the USASD ADO G2G POC at  For more information visit the U.S. Army Cadet Command Facebook page at Active Duty Green to Gold Facebook Page.

Your ROTC PMS or an ROTC Representative can sign in the Supervisor block. Send DA31 to the USASD ADO G2G POC for a control number and the USASD Commander’s approval.

Q:  If I have been notified by Cadet Command that I will be extended or dis-enrolled from the ADO G2G, what must I do?

If you were extended by Cadet Command, you are responsible for immediately notifying and providing the USASD ADO G2G POC with a copy of your extension Memo. USASD will update your new Graduation Date in SharePoint.

If you are on track to graduate school and commission, but do not have an immediate BOLC date (i.e. there is several months in between your graduation and your BOLC report date), you are to immediately notify the USASD ADO G2G POC to obtain the Gainful Employment Memo and all signatures required with the USASD Commander being the last approving authority.

If you were dis-enrolled by Cadet Command for any reason, you are responsible for immediately notifying USASD ADO G2G POC to provide the effective date of disenrollment.  Immediately upon receipt of your disenrollment Memo, provide a copy of the USASD ADO G2G POC. You are responsible for notifying your Branch Manager for immediate reassignment.

Any time lapse in between your disenrollment and your new PCS report date must be covered under an authorized Gainful Employment Memo (with prior approval by USASD Commander). If the reason for disenrollment will result in UCMJ, you are responsible for remaining Gainfully Employed with the ROTC Program until your new PCS report date.

Q:  What happens if I am selected for NCO Professional Military Education while I am in the G2G program?

Contact Cadet Command ADO G2G Program Manager and your Branch Manager, forward the notification to them to have your school deleted. You are not authorized to attend NCOES while participating in the ADO G2G program.

Q:  I am about to commission, what do I need to do?

Visit the Green to Gold Out-processing page on the USASD website and submit the complete outprocessing packet through the USASD SharePoint.

You will receive a DD Form 214 and Transition Orders (after submitting a PCS Leave Form) to change your pay grade from Enlisted to Officer.

Q:  Can I sell back leave upon commissioning?

No. (See DoDFMR Vol 7a, Ch 35 for more information).

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