Defense Travel System (DTS)

Hours of Operations
Monday – Friday: 0730 – 1600 EST
Lunch: 1130 – 1300 EST
Phones Open for Customer Service: 1300 – 1600 EST
Closed on weekends and Federal/Training Holidays

Training and Defense Travel System (DTS)

Temporary Duty (TDY) and Return Travel

TDY and return travel request are processed using the Defense Travel System (DTS).  DTS is an online system that automates TDY travel processing. It allows travelers to create authorizations, book reservations, receive approval, generate payment vouchers, and direct payment to their bank accounts and Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC).

Permissive and TDY and return travel request for civilian school requirements will be submitted to the appropriate Advanced Education Program Manager for processing. Please visit the USASD Advanced Education Programs page for contact information.

TDY and return travel request for Foreign Area Officer (FAO) training and FAO-related travel must be submitted to the incumbent FAO proponent budget office and Regional Manager.

TDY and return travel request for Military Training Specific Allotment (MTSA) funded courses must have a confirmed reservation in the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS) and authorized for attendance as a TDY and return as listed in the MTSA Handbook.  To confirm current enrollments visit ATRRS website at for courses that are not MTSA funded as TDY and return will not be approved unless the Service member is on assignment instructions.

Ensure DTS profile is up-to-date.  DTS profile update procedures listed below under  “Keeping Your DTS Profile Up To Date”.

If you have questions or concerns contact POC below.

Keeping Your DTS Profile Up To Date

It is very important that the information in your DTS profile is up-to-date.  If it isn’t, your travel itinerary may be sent to the wrong email address or your travel reimbursement could be affected.  To review or update your profile, log in to DTS and go to Traveler Setup>Update Personal Profile.

While it is recommended that you review all sections of your profile, pay particular attention to these fields:

  • Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) expiration date and card number – If you’ve recently received a new GTCC, you must update the card number and/or expiration date in your profile (this is not done automatically). For instructions, see How to Update Your DTS Profile.
  • Email address – Without a current email address on file, you will not receive your trip details (confirmations) or updates on the status of your authorization/voucher.
  • Banking information – If you recently closed an account, your reimbursement will be delayed.
  • Phone numbers – In case there is a problem with your travel reservations, your CTO must have a good number to reach you.
  • Billing address
  • Emergency contact information

Contact USASD Finance Team to activate GTCC at least 10 days prior to TDY report date.

Frequent questions can be viewed at DTS frequently asked questions.