Personnel Accountability

Personnel Accountability (PA)

U.S. Army Student Detachment is conducting 100% Personnel Accountability (PA) from 3 November 2018 to 18 November 2018.  End state is for all Students to be in USASD SharePoint and for all Students to confirm by reporting their current duty status, program, location, and issues/concerns/extenuating circumstances, CCIRs reportable to USASD Command.   All Students are required to report by completing the requirements attached with the Memorandum of Instruction and returning them signed to the instructed group email.

Memorandum of Instruction:

Memorandum of Instruction – Personnel Accounting Fall FY19

Student Actions:

  • Complete your personnel accountability requirement by filling out the checklist below:

Personnel Accountability FY19

  • Follow the guidance to complete the Personnel Accountability process.