United States Army Student Detachment

Effective 23 MAR 2020 until further notice, the USASD Staff will be teleworking as the Team engages in physical social distancing based on the Coronavirus guidelines. The primary means of communication will be through the group email inboxes which are monitored by the Staff daily.  Servicemembers should continue to monitor the USASD Website, SharePoint Portal, and Facebook page for information as it becomes available.  We appreciate your patience during these difficult times! 

ORGANIZATION: The United States Army Student Detachment consists of 13 authorized Military and Civilian Staff that provide support at the Company, Battalion, Brigade, and Department of Human Resources (DHR) level to more than 2,400 Students. The unit has two additional Civilian Staff positions to serve the Foreign Area Officers In-Regional-Training (FAO-IRT) Students and Active Duty Option Green-To-Gold (ADO G2G) Students. The unit aligns under the Leader Training Brigade in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, under the United States Army Center for Initial Military Training, Fort Eustis, Virginia for administrative control, and under United States Army Training Center & Fort Jackson for UCMJ control.

United States Army Student Detachment (USASD) works directly with the Fort Jackson Defense Military Pay Office, Fort Jackson Directorate of Human Resources, Fort Jackson Installation Security Management Office, Fort Jackson Travel Office (SATO), United States Army Cadet Command, and United States Army Human Resources Command – Program Managers. The unit commands Students and accomplishes this through the assistance of Liaison Senior Officers and coordination with Human Resources Command Programs Managers, Branch Managers, Army Advisors, Cadet Command, ROTC Battalions Professors of Military Science, and the Military and Defense Attaché Officials at installations near the student’s schools.

Active Duty Option (ADO) Active Duty Green-to-Gold (G2G)
Advanced Civil School (ACS) Program
– Bachelor Degree Completion
– Graduate (Masters)
– Doctorate (PhD)
– Naval Post Graduate School (NPS), Monterey, CA
Broadening Assignments
– Fellowships
– Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP)
– Office of the Chief Legislative Liaison, Strategic Education & Development Program
– Scholars: Olmsted Scholarship & General Downing Scholarship
– Foreign Area Officer In-Country Training (FAO-IRT)
– Joint Service Schools ILE
– Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell Airforce Base, AL
– Marine Corps Command and Staff College, Quantico, VA
– Naval Command and Staff College, Newport, RI
– Training With Industry (TWI)
– Schools of Other Nations (SON) Foreign School ILE
– 20 OCONUS locations

Students are comprised of Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Junior Enlisted Soldiers. Despite the geographical and program diversity that exists, our priority is to arrive and depart Students in an efficient, accurate, and timely manner. The Staff is prepared and dedicated to provide exceptional support during Student’s tour of duty. To achieve success, we must work as a cohesive team.

MISSION: The United States Army Student Detachment provides Command and Control, Personnel Administrative Human Resources, Medical Readiness, Financial Management support to more than 2,400 United States Army personnel attending Civilian Educational institutions and designated Armed Forces Service Schools in CONUS and OCONUS locations to ensure their successful tour of study with a military and civilian staff of 13.

HISTORY: United States Army Student Detachment (USASD) was formed in November 1973 as the Directorate of Personnel and Community Activities with an Authorized TDA military and civilian Staff Strength of 13 to support 900 students.

In April 1981, responsibility was transferred to the Troop Brigade at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana.

In October 1993, USASD was relocated to Fort Jackson, South Carolina as a separate unit under the Victory Brigade.

On 01 January 1998, USASD was attached to Task Force Victory, Victory Brigade, currently known as Blackhawk Support Battalion of the 171st Infantry Brigade.

On 01 March 2016, USASD realigned under Leader Training Brigade, Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  The unit is aligned under TRADOC and Center for Initial Military Training (CIMT), Fort Eustis, Virginia for Administrative Control and under Fort Jackson, South Carolina for UCMJ.