Personnel Accountability


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Personnel Accountability (PA) starts 2018.

U.S. Army Student Detachment (USASD) is initiating this Personnel Accountability through SharePoint. All Students are required to use a CAC Card accessible computer and the use of their Enterprise email for authentication to gain access to SharePoint. SharePoint and USASD Staff communications will be directed to your Enterprise email account upon submission of your documents. No exceptions will be made to communicate through any other non-Enterprise email accounts.

Requirements are Personnel Accountability, Finance Entitlements Review, and Policy Letter Overview.

Memorandum of Instruction:

Student Actions:

  1. To complete your accountability requirement log into SharePoint and complete the Data Sheet. Login at the below link and complete your SharePoint Data Sheet for PA submission.
  2. If you are currently receiving entitlements which should have been stopped upon your arrival, list them on a Pay Inquiry DA 2142 and in the remark box on your Data Sheet. If you are due entitlements, but not receiving them, list your entitlement on a DA Form 2142 and in the remarks box and attach supporting documents. Submit document in PDF format. If you PCS to and from Student Detachment multiple times without a break in service (PCS to a different unit outside of Student Detachment) review all your orders. Ensure to upload the Pay Inquiry DA Form 2142 with supporting documents to the Share Point.
  3. To complete your Policy Letter Overview, read the new Policies and sign the Policy Memorandum of Understanding. Upload this in PDF Format to the Share Point.

If you require help login to SharePoint “click” the CAC Access Help link in the menu.