Contact Information

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday: 0745-1630 EST

Open for customer service on Monday through Friday from 1300 hours through 1600 hours.

Minimal Staffing during Lunch Hour and Training Holidays.

Closed on weekends and Federal Holidays


Position Name Phone Number E-mail Addresses
Commander CPT Alejandra D. Peach (803) 751-5305
1SG 1SG Walton (803) 751-5321 
Office Manager VACANT (803) 751-  
Office NCOIC SFC Bonilla (803) 751-5540
In-Processing NCOIC

SSG Picadiaz

Last Name (T-Z)

(803) 751-6467
SGT Brown

Last Name (A-C)

(803) 751-9824 
SGT Williams

Last Name (D-I)

(803) 751-5346 
SGT White

Last Name (J-O)

(803) 751-3566 
Mr. Sample

Last Name (P-S)

(803) 751-5381 
Out-Processing NCOIC SSG Lindsey (803) 751-6482
SGT McGee (803) 751-5382
FAO In-Region Training Mr. Cobble (803) 751-5389
Green To Gold VACANT (803)-751-5381

Human Resources VACANT (803) 751-6467/9824/5346/5381
Security SSG Lovato (803)-751-1740
TDY Orders/DTS Mr. Blaylock (803)-751-5372 

Pay Inquiries

SGT Ruluked

Last Name (A-D)

(803) 751-3626
 SPC Porter

Last Name (E-K)

(803) 751-5747
SPC Bullard

Last Name (L-R)

(803) 751-6542
SGT Komso

Last Name (S-Z)

Staff Duty Call in the event of an Emergency after duty hours (803) 348-8601 Primary Use Emergency Only


Fax Number: (803) 751-3514

Frequently Asked Questions

 Are you going to start mailing me huge amounts of paper?

We handle a tremendous number of documents and we avoid “snail-mail” whenever possible, but we are happy to receive faxes, emails, or posted documents from you. Our standard method of distributing documents is Adobe PDF – please advise us if you need something mailed or faxed to you.

What patch and crest do I wear?

No matter what your duty uniform is, we advise people not to go to the expense of changing your patches and crest during your tour at Student Detachment. If you feel you need to have your uniform reflect your current unit of assignment (i.e. for a DA Photo) we wear the TRADOC crest and patch. Call us if you need help identifying or obtaining these insignia. For those personnel attending school at a military installation, your host command policy will take precedence if it differs from our SOP.