On behalf of the United States Army Student Detachment (USASD), the Special Troops Battalion, the 171st Infantry Brigade, and Fort Jackson Army Training Center (ATC), I am honored to welcome each of our new students, cadre, and families.  Your time with the detachment will prove to be challenging, however, I assure you that it will also be a time of growth and opportunity.  We embrace each opportunity to serve each Soldier in a professional and timely manner.

I encourage you to periodically check this website throughout your tenure in order to remain cognizant of any updates pertaining to vital information you will need administratively. Doing so will set the conditions for success for both the staff and students alike.  In our pursuit of excellence, we encourage you to submit any suggestions or critiques that will make our website more efficient and effective.

 “Spartan 6”

First Sergeant

1SG WEBB Command Photo

Excellence is the only standard for the United States Army Student Detachment.  Our staff consists of highly trained professionals who take pride in servicing each Soldier with precise and meticulous detail.  Our first priority is to consistently provide excellent customer service financially and administratively so that you can remain focused on the challenges ahead within your respective programs.  The Army has chosen you to attend your course/program due to your innate leadership abilities.  Allow USASD to be the first to congratulate you on your selections.  Please take a moment to review this website in its entirety.  You will find that our current policies and procedures are in place in order to protect you as well as the detachment.  Although each program assigned to the detachment is unique, we are all unified by one standard; the Army standard.  Thus, our detachment is dedicated to assisting you in maintaining that standard by conducting PAI bi-annually.  When prompted, you will submit documents such as updated APFT cards, mandated on-line training certificates, updated SGLI and DD93, etc.  Your integrity, patience, diligence, responsibility, and accountability will be your tools for success while assigned to USASD.

“One Team, One Fight”


The US Army Student Detachment provides command, control, and administrative support to students participating in all Advanced Civil Education programs, to include:

  • Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP)
  • Degree Completion Program (DCP)
  • Graduate & Doctorate Program
  • Joint and International Service Schools
  • Training with Industry (TWI)
  • Active-Duty Green-to-Gold Option
  • Fellowships & Scholarships
  • Foreign Area Officers In-Country Training

Consisting of more than 2,600 Soldiers worldwide, our priority is to receive and process students in an efficient and expedient manner. To achieve success, we work as a team, not as individual Soldiers or Civilians. Our focus is to care for Soldiers and their families and assist in setting the conditions for successful tours of study.


The United States Army Student Detachment was formed in November 1973 to provide command, control, and personnel administration for all Soldiers who are students at civilian colleges and universities; other U.S. Service command and staff colleges; foreign military schools, the training with industry program; and other advance education programs. In April 1981, functional responsibility for the student detachment was transferred from the Directorate of Personnel and Community Activities to Troop Brigade, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana. In October 1993, the unit was relocated to Fort Jackson and aligned as a separate unit under the command and control of Victory Brigade, now 171st Infantry Brigade. The student detachment consists of a detachment Headquarters and two support sections arranged to provide administrative services at both the company and battalion level. The detachment is the liaison between the students and the services Directorate of Human Resources and the Defense Military Pay Office. Another of the detachment’s major tasks is command. Command entails providing for the morale, welfare, and discipline of the assigned students. The detachment accomplishes command for the students through the use of liaison officers and coordination with Army Advisors, Professors of Military Science, and the Defense Attaché Officials at installations near the student’s school.

Although your requests are important to us; we are currently experiencing a high volume of HR and Finance inquires due to our Spring Surge and high personnel turnovers. Please allow five to ten business days to respond to your requests. Thank you.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday: 0745-1615 EST

Closed for operational requirements on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1300-1630 and Tuesday from 0730-1300

Closed Thursday for mandatory training from 0730-1300

Minimal Staffing from 1130-1300 (Lunch Hour)

Closed on weekends and Federal Holidays

Minimal Staffing on Training Holidays.

Position Name Phone Number E-mail/SharePoint Links
Commander CPT Nieto, E. Victoria  (803) 751-5305 edla.v.nieto.mil@mail.mil
1SG 1SG Webb, Joianessa (803) 751-5321 joianessa.l.webb.mil@mail.mil
 Office Manager  Mr. Pagan, Jose (803) 751-5540  jose.l.pagan.civ@mail.mil
DTS, Training, and Awards SGT Brito, Ashley (803) 751-3626 ashley.brito.mil@mail.mil
Personnel Actions Ms. Oates, Donna (803) 751-5390 usasdpersonnelactions@tkemoss2.army.mil
In-Processing Mr. Sample, Lovell (803) 751-5381 usarmy.jackson.CAC.mbx.usasd-in-processing@mail.mil
Green to Gold Mr. Genovese, Robert (803) 751-5747 robert.a.genovese.civ@mail.mil
FAO In-Region Training (IRT)  Mr. Cobble, Phillip (803) 751-5389 phillip.e.cobble3.civ@mail.mil
Out-Processing NCOIC SGT Moton, Cassandra (803) 751-3795 usarmy.jackson.CAC.mbx.usasd-out-processing@mail.mil
(A-K) SGT Melo, Joanna (803) 751-5382 usarmy.jackson.CAC.mbx.usasd-out-processing@mail.mil
(L-Z) SPC Llewellyn, Shakira (803) 751-6467 usarmy.jackson.CAC.mbx.usasd-out-processing@mail.mil
TDY Orders  Mr. Blaylock, Doyle (803) 751-5372 doyle.e.blaylock3.civ@mail.mil
Finance NCOIC SGT Price, Sharen (803) 751-5393 usarmy.jackson.CAC.mbx.usasd-finance@mail.mil
Pay Inquiries (A-H) SGT Price, Sharen (803) 751-5393 usarmy.jackson.CAC.mbx.usasd-finance@mail.mil
(I-P) PFC Porter, Lacey (803) 751-4340  usarmy.jackson.CAC.mbx.usasd-finance@mail.mil
(Q-Z) Ms. Prillman, Lesley (803) 751-5564 usarmy.jackson.CAC.mbx.usasd-finance@mail.mil
(FAO IRT) SGT Price, Sharen (803) 751-5393 usarmy.jackson.CAC.mbx.usasd-finance@mail.mil






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